Developing and implementing an Industrial Internet of Things solution can be a daunting task for even the best IT teams.  m1E leverages a rules and workflow AI engine at the edge that removes much of this complexity.  On top of this platform, we have built industry-specific quick-start solutions with proven business cases and technical capabilities to dramatically reduce the time needed on the front-end of a project and eliminate false-starts.  Our solutions can run in the public cloud, in your private cloud, or within your data center.


The following pre-packaged IoT solutions are ready to be implemented in these industries. Please contact us for more details.


Enhanced customer assistance, smart selling, stockroom visibility, smart shelves and customer displays, asset monitoring


Building monitoring and automatic optimizations to improve human experience and optimize operational costs


Digital guest experience, IoT-enhanced CRM, streamlined resort operations and building automation and control


Asset monitoring, container tracking, load optimization, real-time visibility, product monitoring, cold-chain solutions


Precision advertising, asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, route optimization


Remote automation and control, predictive maintenance, product-integrated customer care, smart vending machines


Home automation integration for manufacturers of residential products


Farm monitoring and analytics, supply-chain tracking


Asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, patient, employee, or equipment locationing


A solid Industrial IoT solution includes edge intelligence and cloud connectivity for analytics. We are experts in several IoT solution platforms especially Microsoft Azuire IoT, SAP Leonardo, and Zebra Savanna. Our own IoT-edge rules and workflow engines enable us to deliver projects that range from first-timers to the most complex. Our platform can run in the public cloud, private cloud, or in a private data-center.


Cloud Only


Cloud Connected


No Cloud


Edge Devices


The team at m1E know well the challenges organizations face when undertaking new technical initiatives.  Our process is proven to get your IoT project up and running in the most resource efficient way possible.  

A Conversation

We like to start with a conversation.  No sales deck.  No requirements for an engagement.  Just an exploratory conversation with your team.  We’ll ask questions, listen to your answers and share ideas.  It is likely by the end of the initial conversation that we will know whether we can help you.  If we concur moving forward makes sense, we’ll schedule a 1-2 day soft start launch meeting.

Soft Start Launch Meeting

Over the course of a day or two we’ll explore potential target projects that would be able to leverage our soft start capabilities. Our soft start process will frame the project that will best leverage both organization’s capabilities.  Our objective will be to have your IoT project up and running in weeks, or at most 2-3 months.  The end game is a proof point that a specific IoT project can be accomplished efficiently and rapidly using your and m1E assets.

The Roadmap

Once we’ve completed a soft start and we have an understanding of potential solutions, we’ll work together to build an initial roadmap for the production-grade version of your solution.  We’ll address all the comprehensive ideation, design, development, implementation and operation elements necessary to put your IoT solution into production.

Custom Solution Built on a Proven Platform

Together we’ll implement the roadmap leveraging the platforms and people you (or we) determine are most appropriate.  The m1E platform can be the basis for the IoT roadmap – significantly reducing long term TCO.  Jointly we’ll augment the project with other skills and software to advance the roadmap.

Implementation and Operations

We’ll assist with the implementation and operational aspects of the IoT solution.  Everything from deployment models to data analytics and performance metrics are to be carefully considered and validated.  Choosing our cloud based services or your own give you the ultimate flexibility to fit your business model and objectives.

Continuing the Journey

Remember it’s a roadmap – and the world of IoT changes frequently enough that the roadmap needs to be validated and updated from time to time. Whether its regular updates to our platform, or new ideas and solutions we’ve encountered, or just another conversation, we’re with you every step of the way.


Our organization specializes in Mobile First, Embedded, and IoT technologies that usually integrate with ERP systems.


Mobile “First”

A Mobile First development approach considers the user experience to be paramount to success and usually requires more complex application architectures such as offline, deep device and sensor integration, and high-performance user experience. We are experts at delivering Mobile First experiences in Retail, Route Sales, and a variety of other industries and use cases.



The Internet of Things connects the physical world with the digital to bring to life things that were impossible only a few years ago. Soon, every company in every industry will be leveraging the IoT to better serve their customers, improve operations, manufacturing and logistics, and improve worker productivity. We have already done many of these projects in different industries and can help you find the ROI faster and with less risk.


Wireless and Embedded

Embedded devices are becoming more common place as power and connectivity options have skyrocketed over the last 10 years. We can design and develop custom devices and boards for your specific needs. We can work with manufacturers to deliver devices in large quantities. We have both software and a partner network to assist with your rollout and on-going operations with device staging, kitting, management, and operational support.



Most mobile, embedded and IoT applications must integrate with an ERP to either read or feed data in near-real time.  We are experts at integration with SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and other systems.

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